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Acrylic Nails
This page lists the acrylic nail services i provide. I guarantee all of my work. Please note that if you want permanent coloured acrylic there is an additional charge.

I only use top quality professional acrylic products on your nails. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email, call or text me.

Nail Overlay – $55
The nail overlay involves applying a layer of acrylic on top of your natural nails. There is no tip applied to extend the nail length. This gives your own nails the look and strength of artificial nails without adding any length. A color of your choice is applied to your nails in acrylic or nail polish or gel.

Tip & Acrylic Overlay – $70
This is where artificial nails are glued to the free edge of your existing nails to give them length. A layer of acrylic is then applied to the length of your nails. The nails are then trimmed and shaped to your desired style. A colour of your choice is applied to your nails. This is the most common service because it gives the your nails a stunning look at the length that you desire.

Permanent French or 2 Colour Acrylic Tips – $75
This procedure is similar to the Tips & Acrylic Overlay above except that the artificial tips are pure white in color or coloured tips. The end result is a fresh clean permanent French manicure.

Refills – $60
Refills are required every two to three weeks. As your natural nail grows, a small gap results between your cuticle and the acrylic on your nail bed. The refill closes the gap leaving your nails looking fresh and natural. The French refill also involves refilling the white section of the artificial nail. This needs to be done to ensure that your white smile line remains consistent and you nails look natural. every two to three weeks, refills are highly recommended to keep the acrylic strong and prevent lifting, cracking, and deterioration.

Polish Only – $20

Applying a nail polish of your choice.

French Manicure Polish – $25
Applying white polish to the tip of your nail and finishing with a base coat of your choice. Choose from pink, cream, beige and for the more adventurous – soft red, soft blue, aussie pearl, apricot and peach.

Nail Removal – $30 – $45 ( depending on time required )
Removal of all artificial nails by softly buffing away the acrylic and finishing with a relaxing manicure and color of your choice.

***Important Please Note***
If you already have an acrylic nail product from another salon, i may have to charge a small additional fee for your first appointment. This is because i may need to perform additional work to remove some or all of your previous product, depending on the condition of your nails. I won’t know for sure until i see your nails. If you have any questions about this then please contact me.